The path to funding

Access to state research funding

There are many ways to finance research and obtain research funds. National federal ministries such as the Swiss Federal Department of Economics, Education and Research play an important role in state research funding. Among other things, they set up funding programs that specifically support innovative and, in particular, implementation-oriented ideas for projects concerning current social or economic challenges. Another important sponsor is the European Union with its framework program for research and innovation, but also with other support offers, e.g. in the context of the European social, structural and regional funds. 

Support in applying for funding and designing projects

Our institute employees can inform about the content of the funding programs we oversee and explain how the individual research project and the corresponding funding application must be structured. They explain who is eligible for funding and under what conditions and advise on the formation of project alliances. In addition, we organize program-specific information and networking events. In many areas, our employees act as contact points to submit applications for funding. Research funding is interdisciplinary. With our experts from different disciplines and with our wide range of topics we meet these requirements. In this way, we can also give advice in the field of research funding and recommend suitable funding programs.

Strategic optimization of science, education and business locations

Our competence concerning fundamental questions and framework conditions as well as the procedures and instruments to be used in international cooperation also enables us to mobilize relevant actors for participation in EU programs, international bilateral or multilateral initiatives and promising individual measures. Our contact points for European and international programs and our experienced contacts for many regions of the world enable the Swiss science, education and business location to be optimally positioned in Europe and internationally. We create awareness of the opportunities for European and international cooperation, we provide strategic support for European and international measures, we support our clients in the design and implementation of bilateral and multilateral international programs, we advise institutions on which European and international measures are suitable for their interests and how they can participate successfully, and we support applicants from the first project idea to the introduction of new products, processes or services on the market. We also offer needs-based event and dialogue formats for establishing and expanding collaborations, for information and further training as well as for the use and exploitation of results and know-how in Europe and worldwide.


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The path to funding
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