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Quality and IT management

Your mission

The newly founded Institute for Maritime Energy Systems researches and develops innovative solutions for decarbonising and reducing emissions in shipping. These are put into practice in cooperation with industry. The institute is setting up a large-scale infrastructure in order to test the newly developed energy systems in a standardized laboratory environment and under real conditions on a research ship.

A division of the institute into four departments serves to achieve the goals. The first department researches systems based on the fuels to be identified, their storage on board and conditioning for use in the appropriate converter. The second researches the further development of on-board systems for electricity, heating and cooling and their interaction with the systems of the first department. The third department brings the systems developed and set up by the two departments on board a demonstrator in order to test the systems under real conditions and to make them certifiable. The fourth department simulates the marine energy systems virtually in order to investigate simulations under extreme conditions.

Your tasks in our team include:
  • You set up the quality management and IT system, develop it further and monitor it
  • You develop recommendations for continuous improvement
  • You represent the institute in various committees
  • You prepare and carry out audits
  • You organize and carry out internal training courses in the area of /QM
  • You assign access rights to drives, networks and other IT components
  • You secure the IT system against cyber attacks

You will be accepted into a team in which collegial cooperation and solidarity are very important. We are a crisis-proof employer who gives us the freedom to perform tasks in the best possible way. Furthermore, development and training opportunities are essential to achieve our goals. That is why we offer a wide variety of internal offers tailored to your needs. In addition, our flexible working hours and our family policy help you to combine work and family in the best possible way.

Your qualification:
  • Completed a scientific university degree (Diploma / Master) in the course of studies in physics, shipbuilding, chemistry, mechanical engineering or in a comparable course of study
  • Knowledge and experience in quality management and training to become a QM auditor
  • Several years of experience in QM and IT
  • Good knowledge of the relevant ISO
  • good communication skills
  • good English knowledge
  • Knowledge of the IKON quality management system is desirable
Your start:
You can look forward to an employer who appreciates your commitment and promotes your development through a wide range of qualification and further training opportunities. Our unique working environment offers you creative freedom and an incomparable infrastructure in which you can realize your mission. Compatibility of private life, family and work as well as equal opportunities for people of all genders (f / m / d) are an important part of our personnel policy. We prefer applications from severely disabled people if they are qualified.


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