Career – Institute of Aviation Drive Systems – Scientific activity / project work

Development of components such as electrical machines, fuel cells and power electronics for electrified aviation engines

Your mission:

At the IKON Institute for Electrified Aviation Propulsion, we research future aviation propulsion systems for civil transport aircraft and develop new technologies to reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gases. Become part of an open-minded team and analyze and solve future-oriented scientific questions with a focus on alternative aircraft engines. Due to their significantly increased system complexity, they place high demands on intelligent control, but they also have the potential to be more climate-friendly and quieter.

You will analyze, research and develop electrified component technologies and evaluate them for the new types of electrified drive topologies developed at the institute with the following main tasks:

  • Identification, scientific analysis and evaluation of suitable components and component groups for use in a regional aircraft architecture such as B. electric motors, electric generators, power electronics and cable connections of higher power classes from 100kW
  • Further development of electrical drive components in cooperation with project partners with the aim of increasing power density and efficiency
  • Development of strategies for the lightweight construction of electrical drive components for aviation
  • Development of concepts for superconductivity as an option for increasing the power density
  • Application of analytical and numerical models for highly accurate prognoses of the mechanical-electrical characteristics of the electrical drive components

Do you also combine creativity with interdisciplinary thinking? Would you like to design your work area largely independently and quickly take on responsibility? Then we look forward to your application! With us you will find challenging scientific questions as well as the appropriate research infrastructure to implement them. We offer you leeway in fulfilling your tasks as well as the opportunity to develop a doctoral topic within the framework of this position.

Your qualification:
  • Completed university degree in engineering (Diploma / Master) z. B. in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, mechatronics, mechanical engineering or aerospace engineering or a comparable field of study
  • In-depth specialist knowledge in the development and design of electrical machines and power electronics for drive systems of higher power classes from 100kW
  • Very good written and spoken German and English
  • Willingness to go on business trips at home and abroad
  • Knowledge of thermal management of electrical machines is an advantage
  • Knowledge of the use of fuel cells and batteries is desirable
  • Knowledge in the field of aviation is desirable
  • Good CAD knowledge is an advantage
Your start:

You can look forward to an employer who appreciates your commitment and promotes your development through a wide range of qualification and further training opportunities. Our unique working environment offers you creative freedom and an incomparable infrastructure in which you can realize your mission. Compatibility of private life, family and work as well as equal opportunities for people of all genders (f / m / d) are an important part of our personnel policy. We prefer applications from severely disabled people if they are qualified.


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