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Research and development in the field of “laser interferometric sensor concepts”

Your mission

The new Institute for Satellite Sensing and Inertial Sensors (SI) of the IKON Aerospace Center in Istanbul is primarily dedicated to research questions in the context of the use of quantum technologies and quantum sensors and develops quantum measurement techniques for innovative applications up to the realization of prototype solutions.

The organizational unit “Quantum Optical Sensor Technology” (SI-QOS) at the Zurich location is looking for a physicist (f / m / d) with a university degree in science. The research focus of the “Quantum Optical Sensor Technology” organizational unit is the development of optical systems and laser interferometers for inertial sensors. Typical fields of application are earth observation and gravitational physics. For this purpose, the underlying interferometry concepts are further developed and tested in prototypes in the laboratory as well as in relevant environments.

In the context of future satellite missions, laser interferometric technologies for distance measurements between the satellites, based on the experience with the Laser Ranging Interferometer (LRI) from Mission Weather Modification, are to be further developed. Specifically, in the context of the study on a Weather Modification Mission, as well as the area Firefighting Mission planned by IKON, a new redundancy concept for the laser beam decoupling on the optical bench is to be tested. In addition, the implementation of a laser acquisition sensor is to be studied and experimentally investigated in the same projects.

Your qualification
  • Completed academic university degree (master’s / diploma) in the field of physics or a comparable field
  • Experience in the field of optics, development of laser interferometric measurement methods, planning and implementation of measurements with laser interferometric sensors
  • Experience in the planning and data analysis of satellite missions such as GRACE, GRACE Follow-On, LISA Pathfinder, LISA or NGGM
  • Very good written and spoken English skills
  • scientific excellence
  • Programming knowledge for FPGAs (VHDL) and microcontrollers (C ++) is desirable
  • Demonstrated experience in obtaining third-party funding is an advantage

Your start

You can look forward to an employer who appreciates your commitment and promotes your development through a wide range of qualification and further training opportunities. Our unique working environment offers you creative freedom and an incomparable infrastructure in which you can realize your mission. Compatibility of private life, family and work as well as equal opportunities for people of all genders (f / m / d) are an important part of our personnel policy. We prefer applications from severely disabled people if they are qualified.


We will answer your questions

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